Do I Need A Hair Mask? 5 Benefits to Protect Your Hair

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Do I Need A Hair Mask? 5 Benefits to Protect Your Hair

2020 has turned our world a bit upside down and this may be especially true when it comes to our normal hair maintenance routine and even our regular scheduled haircuts

Whether you are playing it safe and distancing yourself from your hair salon or you are just looking for a new way to add some extra pizzazz and health to your hair you might want to consider a hair mask. 


What Is A Hair Mask? 


A hair mask is more or less a high-powered hair conditioner. It nourishes and strengthens your hair like a normal conditioner but with more intensity and power.  

If you have neglected your hair or are looking for a “pick me up” look no further than adding a hair mask to your hair routine. All you need is an extra 3-5 minutes a week to see and feel a noticeable difference in your hair! 

Simply replace the regular conditioner with your hair mask and spread it all over your hair starting at the ends. Take time to massage the mask into your hair. Then simply wash it off with water, air-dry your hair, and bask in the results of your new salon ready hair! 

Not only does a hair mask have amazing benefits for your hair, but it can also provide a time of pampering and relaxation for you. 


Benefits oa Hair Mask 


Hair masks have so many incredible benefits and once you use a hair mask you will understand what all the rage is about! 

  • They are filled with restorative and hydrating ingredients 
  • They make your hair shinier and softer 
  • They make your hair strong 
  • They reduce the effects of damage from the environment and other hair products 


Masks instantly can improve the look of your hair with an immediate and dramatic effect all while smelling great! You will notice less frizz, added moisture, and a healthier scalp. 


Tribeca’s Top Recommended Hair Masks  


If you are ready for salon healthy hair without going to the salon every week, look no further than Tribeca Salons! You can shop for our favorite hair masks from home too! Our salons use only the BEST products with the highest quality ingredients.  

Here are some of our favorite hair masks that are customized for your exact hair type:


Nounou Hair Mask

Our stylists swear by this one! This hair mask is designed for highly processed or brittle hair. This mask repairs and smooths damaged hair quickly. 


Minu Hair Mask 

This replenishing mask is designed for colored hair (you know we LOVE color). This mask adds natural shine, gloss, and deep nourishment to your hair. 


Love Curl Mask 

Have curly hair? This mask is for you. This mask tames and nourishes wavy or curly hair. It adds softness and hydration to thick and unruly hair.  


Treat Yourself And Your Hair at Tribeca 


Maintain your hair health! If you are ready to try out a hair mask, talk to a stylist at Tribeca Salons today. We have convenient Tampa locations, one in Centro Ybor and one in South Tampa and our one in Seminole Heights is coming soon 

Our top local hairstylists will happy to assist you with finding the right hair mask or you can purchase your hair mask online to have great style at home too.