Many clients confuse the concept

of Balayage and Ombre color.

Balayage is the application technique used to create soft transitions of lightness throughout the hair. Ombre is the result of utilizing Balayage techniques. 



We offer a large variety of balayage techniques in Tampa, from traditional French application to American balayage which allows for lighter levels to be achieved on darker hair. When you receive your free consultation with your Tampa balayage colorist you can discuss all of the different options of balayage.

Our focus when determining the technique used to create the perfect dimensional color begins with a thorough consultation. We advise clients to find their inspiration from their favorite celebrities, Pinterest and Instagram. We will discuss your options and determine the best course of action.
In addition to the hair services performed for you in our salon, we will also will provide you with an action plan to take care of your hair at home using carefully selected products for maintaining your new look, protecting your hair when heat treating it, and best practices for cleansing your hair at home. Finally we will provide you with a suggested maintenance schedule for in-salon upkeep tailored specifically to your personal hair’s needs.