Fashion Colors


As vibrant full head hair colors continue to appear on the cover of every magazine and website more and more people are looking to their local salons to get the perfect all over pastel shade, ombre or colormelts with beautifully vibrant colors transitioning into their natural hair, unique shades of gray applied to new or existing highlights.

One of the beautiful things about the fashion color; also known as pastel color, trend is how it works so well with the men and women who have already undergone blonding, balayage, or other lightening treatments to their hair.

The process of getting those amazing pinks, violets, mints, seafoam greens, grays, and any other color you name is through careful formulation and creativity in the toning process.

Toning? What is toning? This is a common question we are asked at Tribeca Salons. Simply put, toning is the process of using a very small amount of hair color and applying it to someone who has had their hair blonded in one way or another. Chemically blonded hair works like a sponge and will absorb color applied to it to create a new look. Think of it like a blank canvas. The trick to getting beautiful fashion colors to your hair is having a well trained stylists; like those at Tribeca Salons, assess your hair and formulate the perfect color for you and you alone. Just like how everyone has their own shade of hair color following blonding treatments, a unique formula is needed to get the color you saw on Instagram and can’t wait to see on your own head. That is why our team of ColorConstruct trained stylists are your go to solution for getting that perfect pastel hair!
We also will provide you with an action plan to take care of your hair at home using carefully selected products for maintaining your new fashion color look, protecting your hair when heat treating it, and what to do when washing your hair at home.