Damage Free Blonding

Very stressed or damaged hair after

bleaching, coloring, or dying hair,

should be a thing of the past.

Turning dark hair to blonde, without risking hair breakage, should not be a problem anymore.

Unfortunately many out of the box products or salons without enough knowledge and experience can make your next blonding experience a very unfortunate one. At Tribeca Salons we have tested, refined, and perfected our approach. We work with models of various hair types and hair health to help us build the most effective methods to get that perfect blonde look no matter who you are.

Following a complimentary consultation with one of our Tampa stylists, we will make a proper assessment of your hair taking into account your natural hair color, hair thickness, and any prior color you have in your hair. Based on what is learned during the consultation we will give you the ideal method to achieve the perfect blonde without damaging your hair and also keeping it looking and feeling just as healthy and beautiful as it did the moment you stepped into our salon. Book your Tampa blonde hair color or highlight appointment today! 
We also will provide you with an action plan to take care of your hair at home using carefully selected products for maintaining your new blonde look, protecting your hair when heat treating it, and what to do when washing & treating your hair at home. Finally we will provide you with a schedule for in-salon upkeep for root touch ups, toning, and health treatments tailored for you specifically.