Gray Coverage

Nobody wants to look older than they feel.  

As we mature gray hair begins to alter our appearance.

In our youth oriented culture we want to make sure that we keep this at bay for as long as we can. 

“Gray “ hair is a misnomer.  The illusion of white hair with ashy tones makes you feel like you hair is gray in appearance, but in reality it is like a piano keyboard.  White keys and black keys sit next to each other. Traditional gray coverage is like painting flat latex paint that masks every key.  Our philosophy is to utilize the variegation of light and dark depths to allow a natural transition of highs and lows to create believable gray coverage that grows out easily between visits.

All of our color construct trained stylists  are Tampa gray color experts and will consult with you to determine the type of gray coverage that you need, and also respect your demands on time and maintenance. The color brands that we use provide 100% gray coverage and incredible durability. With our methodology we can maintain a healthy head of hair while creating realistic gray coverage even on the lightest of levels.
We also will provide you with an action plan to take care of your hair at home using carefully selected products for maintaining your new look, protecting your hair when heat treating it, and what to do when washing  your hair at home. Finally we will provide you with a schedule for in-salon upkeep for root touch ups tailored for you specifically.