Ways to Make A Blowout Last Longer

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Ways to Make A Blowout Last Longer

Right now, we can all use some quality ‘me-time’. Little compares to getting a great blowout and having a talented hairstylist work their magic while they wash, massage, brush, and blow out your hair. While strutting out of the hair salon that will make you feel ready for anything! Realizing that you may only feel that way for a few days doesn’t feel as great. Our Tampa hairstylists share how to get your blowout to last as long as possible and not fall flat or limp by day three. Keep reading for some of Tribeca Salon’s best blowout hacks! 


How long does a blowout generally last? 

First, your blowout is meant to last from 3 to 5 days. But this can vary depending on the thickness and texture of your hair. If you start getting blowouts regularly, your hair may start to adapt which means that your style can last a little longer over time!  

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What is included in a blowout at Tribeca? 

At our salons, your blowout experience includes a hair wash and soothing scalp massage, then our expert blow-dry method. We use salon-quality products and round brushes to get you the best blowout ever! You won’t believe the difference between a professional blowout and doing it on your own. 

Tribeca Salon blowouts leave your hair shiny, bouncy anwill last for days after your trip to our South Tampa or Ybor City hair salon. Get a great new hairstyle today! 


Can I make my blowout last longer? 

While 3-5 days is the typical time that your blowout will last, you can make the style stretch up to seven days (seriously up to 7with some maintenance tips.  

Our hairstylists recommend you… 

  1. Avoid all products on the first day of your blowout. You’re going to love the look from the salon so why mess with a good thing? 

  2. It’s Tampa and the humidity will kill your blowout. You’ll want to use an anti-humidity spray to keep the look.

  3. Remember to avoid touching your hair as much as possible. Oils and dirt from your hands can weigh the hair down and make it fall flat faster. 

  4. At night, you should swap to sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase. You can also help make your blowout last longer by twisting your hair into a loose bun or high ponytail while you sleep.

  5. Have a quality dry shampoo and a dry conditioner spray handy. You may also want a lightweight shine spray to make your strands shine! 


A few other tips to keep your blowout looking great for as long as possible:  


If your hair gets limp around day 2 or 3 (or whenever it does), you can use a large-barrel curling iron for some extra waves.  


You’ll also want to keep your hair from getting wet which means using a shower cap while showering and avoiding any activity that may make you sweat. If you want to go to the gymwe recommend a headband that can keep your strands from getting too wet.  


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Do blowouts damage hair? 

When you blow-dry your hair improperly, you can cause damage. Luckily professional blowouts can make your hair better when done right. While other local blowout bars focus too much on doing hair quickly to get you in and out of the salon, at Tribeca we care about taking every step to protect your stands from excessive heat damage.  

For curly girls, you don’t have to worry about getting a blowout. At least with our haircare professionals…we know how to do blowouts safely for curly hair. You’ll just want to make sure to have a healthy aftercare regimen to protect your curls 


Get a Professional Blowout 

Here we know blowouts are fun and can give you a great confident look. With these tips, you can make the look last from 3 to 7 days 

Fantastic hair is just an appointment away! Visit Tribeca Salon for the best blowouts to have your hair bouncy and shiny. Call our South Tampa or Ybor City hair salon today! South Tampa: 813-250-0208 Ybor: 813-242-4080