Shine On! Tips to Make Hair Shiny Fast

Woman with Straight Shiny Brown Hair

Shine On! Tips to Make Hair Shiny Fast

Do you get a hint of jealousy while watching shampoo commercials with hair that shines for days? There is nothing more stunning than a shiny finish. But if you’re prone to dry and dull hair, what can you do?   

Of course, a quick misting of gloss can easily finish off any hairstyle. Want to know the secret to achieve long-lasting shine?  To don extremely radiant hairyou need the right product and the proper techniques. Tribeca Salons shares the most effective shiny hair tips in our bag of tricks. Keep reading to reveal your new styling routine for shiny hair


Bye, Dull. Hello, Shine.  

Excess buildup of product and residue is one of the biggest perpetrators of a drab head of hair. This is where 
a quality clarifying shampoo comes in. Here are a couple clarifying shampoos that can safely remove the buildup and give you a clean slate to work with to achieve shiny hair: 

Clarifying Shampoos:


  • Davine’s SOLU or MINU Illuminating Shampoos – See the light with these clarifiers. Both are clarifying and detoxifying and establish a healthy hair environment. Shampoo formulated to remove the residue of styling products or before a perm service. The rich foam leaves the hair extremely clean and takes away residue from everyday styling products. If getting a perm, SOLU is perfect to use before. Getting the hair color we’re known for? The MINU is better for colored hair. Keeping it shiny for longer!  
  • Zenagen Repair Shampoo Treatment – is scientifically developed to help dry, brittle, slow growing, damaged, and weak hair. The only nondaily hair restructuring and repair shampoo in professional beauty. Give your hair and scalp the amazing hair damage and repair technology 
  • Zenagen Shampoo Treatment – Replenish and Restore Hair Loss Shampoo Industry leading nutraceutical formula targets hair loss at the roots, defending follicles against dihydrotestosterone or “DHT”—the molecular culprit that causes 95% of hair loss in men and women. Hair grows back thicker, fuller and healthier with just five minutes of shampoo-based treatment, 3-4 times per week. 


Our Favorite Salon Shiny Hair Products 

The Spotlight Circle Mask 
by Davines will lock in extra shine. It gives the hair a boost of shine and enhances color and cut without weighing the hair down. Perfect for all hair types, in particular for dull looking ones. The line’s Finest Gloss Gel system can be used pure to give shine or to dilute Finest Pigments nuances to obtain the desired effect. We also like that it’s prepared with 98% of natural origin ingredients.  

Tribeca Tip: finish with a blast of shine spray to keep dry ends away. To achieve that healthy shine, give the ends a blast of shine spray.  

After blow-drying the hair, mist extra on top to transform dull and drab hair into a radiant and dimensional finish. Polish off your locks with This Is A Shimmering Mist a Glossy mist for shiny and velvety hair, adding shine and fighting frizz without weighing hair down. 

Seal in Shine with a Flat Iron  

You can finish your look with a flat iron to get a dimensional shine when going for a straight hairstyle.
 You can see how the shine simply melts in as you put the iron through the hair.  The result will be that real luxe finish. 

Shine On at Our Salon 

Nothing can dull your shine when you t
ry these tips to maintain your look at home. Our product lines will leave your hair with uber vibrance and shine. Not sure what product is best for your hair?  At your appointment, your stylist will talk through your goal of achieving super shiny hair.  Give us a call at one of our convenient locations – South Tampa: 813-250-0208 or Ybor City: 813-242-4080