Shampoo is not your friend

Shampoo Not Your Hairs Friend Tribeca Salon Hair Care Tips

Shampoo is not your friend


It’s time to rethink your hair care regimen. Many clients come to us and tell us that they have greasy scalps but dry ends. I ask them how often are they shampooing, and the answer is almost always “everyday, at least once”. They truly believe that they are doing the right thing, and how on earth could anyone go more than a day without shampoo?

The truth is is that shampoo is the enemy of your hair. We in the states are “trained” to “lather, rinse and repeat”. It would be gross if we didn’t “clean” our hair on the daily. The reality is that using any detergent on your hair everyday is going to remove precious natural oils and fray your ends, especially very long hair.

When you shampoo you are removing the sebum on the scalp. The body then perceives this as a hostile environment and then produces even more oil to compensate for this dryness. It doesn’t know you are cleaning it. It just thinks something is drying it out. This is why so many people have greasy scalps and dry ends.

You have the power to stop this though, and it is simple. Just stop shampooing every day. It isn’t gross. Unless you use heavy petroleum based products you will be fine. Even sweat is simply salt water that easily rinses from the hair. Here is our suggested regimen.

To ease off of shampoo, first decrease your use of shampoo to Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You should be conditioning every day though. On the days you do not shampoo, still wet your hair but use only conditioner. It will still rinse clean. For those of you that balk at this, we just brought in a clarifying conditioner “RADIA” to help you get used to this idea.

After a week or two your scalp will be back in balance, then you can stop shampooing on Wednesday. Then eventually you will be able to wash just on Mondays to begin the week. Many stylists at Tribeca wash once a week, and we hate our hair the day that is freshly washed, we can’t do anything with it!

Many people cannot fathom this idea, but just think of it this way. Your hair is like satin lingerie. If you washed that lingerie everyday in “Tide” it would fade and shred. The same applies to your hair.