Love Your Look: Grey Blending or Grey Coverage

Gray Blending Tampa FL Tribeca Salon

Love Your Look: Grey Blending or Grey Coverage

Not everyone embraces his or her newly changing hair color. Some have lighter hues that wash out their skin tone and leave them looking like they never see the sun. Some people may start noticing gray hairs as early as late teens or early twenties. If gray hair isn’t your jam, you can still welcome your years- without showing them. Our stylists share more about the gray plus the difference between grey blending and grey coverage.

Gradually Gray: Grey Blending

Tribeca Salon’s gray blending services are a modern coloring process that doesn’t fight your existing grey. The color blending process works with the grey to deliver a natural-looking, enhanced version of your own signature style.

If you’re looking to boost your confidence in the way that only all-natural can, contact our Tampa hair salons for a grey blending appointment.

Disguising Grey Hair

For centuries, men and women alike have tried to disguise their gray hairs to maintain a younger appearance. From the early days of using vegetable dyes to current technology, many people dye their hair dark, believing that is the only way to cover the gray. Then often they highlight through that dark color to bring back some blonde. This results in brassy, damaged hair.


If you were to look at gray hair up closely it, you will notice that it’s actually a combination of white and dark hairs.


It would appear to be like a piano keyboard. If you go for complete gray coverage, you are covering every hair and making it the same color. Imagine the hair color is latex paint covering all the piano keys.

But if you were to go for grey camouflage or blending, it would be like putting a wood stain on to those keys, you will still be able to see the difference in light and dark, but the grey will no longer be grey. The white hair would be turned into a blonde and the dark hair remains unchanged. It gives you a highlighted look with no damage!

And as it grows out the line of demarcation is much softer since the new white hair is sitting up against a toned white hair instead of a fully covered hair. It is by far the healthiest way to cover grey hair.

At Tribeca ColorSalon, stylists educate clients on the best ways to cover their gray to minimize their regrowth and damage. Experience the difference of our chair; book a consultation today.

I’ve tried to cover the grey hair before? Will that impact my results?

To switch from the “latex” look to “wood stain” takes some time and several steps depending on how much previous color needs to be dealt with. A consult with a colorist will give you the best idea of time, cost and care.

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Grey Blending in Tampa, FL

Forget your greys and start looking like the illustrious woman or distinguished gentleman you are. Whether gray blending or coverage is the right choice for your hair, give our talented team a call at Tribeca Salon South Tampa: 813-250-0208 or Ybor: 813-242-4080. You can also send us a message!

Book your custom color service and let our stylists do the rest. You’ll be astonished at what ten minutes of high-impact color can accomplish for you!