You have the power to change everything

You have the power to change everything

I don’t think that clients and stylists understand the power of a consultation.  A consultation, no matter if it the first time you meet a new client or if it’s the 100th time, it’s an opportunity to open a new door.

I’m always a little frustrated or disappointed in myself when I feel that a consult needs to be hurried because I’m overbooked or running late.  We need to really focus on the importance of the power of a great consultation.  I feel so strongly about the use of a consultation as a tool that in our Ybor salon, I’ve created a special area for my team to use to separate the consultation from the service.  It’s a “lounge” that has a small collection of look books and swatches for us to use to open the discussion.

A consultation is an interview.  As a new client, it is your chance to find out what I’m all about.  It’s my chance to find what your expectations are.  By the end of this interview you should be confident in my ability and I should know the direction I’m going to take your cut and color.   It is my chance to evaluate the physical nature of your hair, understanding it’s history and the impact that chemical and physical damage has taken.

I know that last week’s blog was a little harsh, but the consultation is everything.  I just saw Beth Minardi at the Premiere Beauty Show and she had some great insight.  If you do your job with a consultation both you and the client should be happy with the result.  If you do a color that you are happy with but the client hates, you messed up the consultation.

You need to be happy with any service you receive at your salon.  If the stylist does not confirm to you all that will be performed, you need to slow things down and make sure that you fully understand what your end result will be.  This said, please understand that if you come in to the salon and ask for a result that is impossible, it’s our professional duty to back you away from that cliff.

So on your next visit, bring photos, have a clear idea of your expectations.  For stylists, my call out to you, is to really be present during the consult.  Listen to the client’s needs, analyze the hair.  If the client is going to plunk down $200 for a service, and you don’t deliver, they deserve a more dedicated stylist.