You Need an Ashley Madison for Hairdressers

You Need an Ashley Madison for Hairdressers

Your relationship with your hairdresser is like a marriage.  The first date went great, you loved how much they cared for you in the beginning, and you became committed. But here you are a few years later and the relationship has grown stale.  You want and expect more from the relationship, you even start to wander yelp looking for a potential new hair partner.  Someone younger, who will respect your needs and expectations.  How did we get here?

But you could leave them could you?  The thought seems so cold, it would be cheating wouldn’t it?  After all these years, how could I leave the person who has cared for my tresses for so long?  You two have a great relationship, and most likely you started with them when they were young, with plenty of time on their book to accommodate you and really impress you.  Years later, they are solid double booked and can’t even picture you with a different cut or color when you show up with that great new style you found on Pinterest.  Maybe it’s time to separate…even if it’s just for a short time.

One thing we forget in the hairdresser/client relationship, is that no matter how intimate we become, it’s still a business transaction.  You as the client are purchasing services, and you should get the best service for your money.  You shouldn’t be rushed, or limited in your choices simply because your stylist doesn’t have the time or desire to make a change in your cut or formula.  As a consumer, you should expect a certain value.  If you no longer receive that value, you should spend your money in a different way.

So, breaking up is hard to do isn’t it?  But it shouldn’t be.  So often I meet people who tell me that they would love to sit in my chair, but they don’t want to cheat on their current hairdresser.  I show them my point of view.  I think that you should change hairdressers every ten years.  Even if for just for one visit.  Why?  During these ten years, your hairdresser may have not continued their education, so they may not be up on current techniques.  They probably are very happy with the results you get each visit, and may not think a change is necessary.  They don’t want to offer change since they do not have the time or desire to deal with the consequences of a major change in your appearance.  They think they are doing the right thing by keeping you in your comfort zone.  They think they know what is best for you.

Even if it just one visit, go sit in someone else’s chair because since they do not know you, they will look at you in a new way, and be very open to change because they do not know what your comfort zone is.  Now, I can’t guarantee you will like the change, but at least you have a new opinion, and point of view.  You can always return to your hairdresser and they can recreate this new look.

The grass isn’t always greener, but the view from the other side might be great!