Why don’t we quote color prices over the phone?

Why don’t we quote color prices over the phone?

Many people ask why we won’t give price quotes for color services over the phone.  To some, this is inconvenient, or seems to be misleading or shady.   The exact opposite is true.  We want everyone to feel comfortable with our prices and once we see a client at a consultation we give them exact prices for the services that will be rendered.

Let’s say you were to call up a house painter and tell him that you wanted your small, quaint bungalow to be painted.  On his end, he’d need to know how big the house was , how many window frames or shutters to paint.  If he told you over the phone that it was $200, and showed up and realized that your house is twice the size as you described, needed to have the old paint removed and a new coat of primer, he would surprise you with a huge price increase.  You would think he was duping you, but the reality is that sight unseen, he couldn’t truly price the job accurately.

The same applies to hair.  You could call up and tell us you need a “partial foil”.  We could tell you it starts at $65.  But since we can’t see your hair, and that 6 months ago you tinted your hair black, overly previously blonde hair, this is a color correction, not a partial foil.  We can’t see or feel your hair over the phone, so we would be shooting blind and most likely misquote you and when you arrive we would change the price since we would be performing a whole different set of steps.

All of our consultations are free.  You are welcome to call either shop or visit our website to see which colorist is the perfect match for you!