What is the September Project?

What is the September Project?

September is an important month for fashion.  After all the SEPTEMBER ISSUE of Vogue even became a documentary.  September signifies a call to arms, a round up of fashionistas, imposing their word from the streets to the runways.  Following suit, it is most appropriate for Tribeca to hold it’s own trend release party then isn’t it? 

I’ve split the staff of 18 stylists and 6 apprentices into 2 teams.  These teams are responsible for a variety of presentations, culminating in our final stage show on Sunday September 19th.  It began with the 2 teams creating their vision of a trend release for 2011.  Both teams swore to secrecy their work, but as I’ve seen snippets here and there, I can say great minds think alike.  From what I gather they have taken classic looks and turned them to political statements, taking in mind today’s need for peace in a world at war.  First the teams created tutorial layouts for the entire salon to learn from.  Then on the day of they will be working with models to create an edtorial photoshoot and ending in our live fashion show out in the Centro Ybor Plaza.

I hope you can join us at the event.  We have DJ sirius as our music guru starting at 5:30pm.  The show will begin and all of the audience membrs will be asked to vote on their favorite team’s work.  Ybor restaurants are having outdoor hervice stations to offer food and beverages.  It’s going to be a great afternoon event.   The Improv will be featuring a great comedian beginning at 7pm as our event winds down.

Best of all, this is entirely free.  We wanted to make sure that this message oabout fashion and hair can be seen and heard by the entire city!


Sunday September 19th

5:30pm Centro Ybor Plaza 1600 E. 8th Ave. Ybor City