Meet Your Tribeca Stylist™ — Via

Meet Your Tribeca Stylist™ — Via

Stylist + Colorist
Artisan 1
Originally From 

Nashville, Tennessee


2011-2012 —  Sunstate Academy

Personality in Three Words

Sociable, Crazy, Practical

Works Best With 

Short-Medium Hair and Finer Textures

Celebrity Fashion/Hair Inspiration 


Why You Wanted to Become a Hair Stylist

To have a career and lifestyle that allows me to freely express myself. And to be as cool as my Mom.

Best Thing About Tampa Bay 

The wide variety of places to go and people to meet from all around the world.

Favorite Quote

Let the waves of the universe rise and fall as they will. You have nothing to gain or lose. You are the ocean.

Favorite Kevin.Murphy Product for Men


Favorite Kevin.Murphy Product for Women