The Tribeca “T” Mark Stickers

Tribeca Salons Sticker Water Bottle

The Tribeca “T” Mark Stickers

Did you know about the Tribeca “T” mark?

A few years back we decided on doing a rebranding with the help of Savoir Faire Creative.  And the result was beautiful.

The graphic designer created a perfect modern geometric logo that is definitely on trend with the linear design that is popular these days, but it has a unique perfect symmetry. According to the designer, the angles on the T are all 33 degrees, and the entire structure is mathematically in “tune”. It’s almost like he designed our very own mandala. 

Of course, it’s a logo, but we wanted to share some of the fun ways we use it on a daily basis.  And now since we have 3d printed key chains, umbrellas, and stickers, you get to share the “T” too!

We work with a great sticker company, and we want you to check them out here!

Here’s a peek at our “T” mark…