The ‘Residency’ begins in February

The ‘Residency’ begins in February

Many of you know we have a very strong apprentice program at Tribeca ColorSalon.  Our interview process is very difficult and I hire only the best-qualified candidates that I believe will make great hairdressers.  As part of the program our state licensed apprentices have always been responsible for working on models, where they gain most of their hands on experience.  Well I’ve just started a new program that will allow for a more controlled work environment that will provide our apprentice’s new clients, and give budget conscious clients a cost efficient option for getting their hair done!

This is the Residency program at Tribeca.  Starting on Mondays in February I will be working hand in hand with our 3 senior apprentices providing cut and color services at half off our Tyro 1 level pricing.  Men’s cuts start at $7.50, women are $12.50 and colors start at only $25!  Above the amazing price factor, consider this; I’ve been doing hair for over 17 years.  I will be working with the apprentices during the entire process, from consultation, cut, color and finish.  You will be able to have my knowledge and experience at a quarter of the cost that it would be to sit in my chair!  All services will be closely supervised and I know you’ll have a great experience with amazing healthy shiny results!

If you have been stuck doing your hair at home do to budget constraints, this is a perfect way to get back into the salon!  So come back to the salon where your hair belongs!  Call 813 242 4080 to participate in this exciting new program.

The Residency Program is held in our Ybor Store, 1600 E. 8th Ave. Centro Ybor, Tampa, FL; Mondays 12-7pm  Prices cannot be quoted until time of consultations.

“Celebrity hair without the posh price tag”