Sorry it’s been awhile.  Actually I know nobody is reading this anyway, but I’ve finally got something to write about!  As you might know, the Heart Show is the annual fund raiser for the James Anthony Ray Sadler Scholarship.  Last year rocked, with over 1500 people attending.  We raise over $7000 that evening.  It was great fun evening, ranging from the student hair design competition to a hair show that featured the work of Tribeca ColorSalon’s stylists.  So here’s the lineup this year:

Student Hair Competition featuring the work of local cosmetology students.  Our grand prize is a trip to the Premiere Beauty Show in Orlando.

We have a female impersonator show featuring Amy DeMilo,Felicity Lane and Natasha Richards.

Our designers are Francisco Gomez; Marina Williams, Aleka Phoenix and more..

Dance performances by Jenn Jones, August Motives Dance Company and Travis Curry.

We will hopefully have bands and much more!

It’s going to be an amazing evening, so please come and help a great cause!