Keeping my head up

Keeping my head up

It seems that everyday there is one step forward, one step back.  Thanks to Dawn over at tampdogooder blog for writing about our attempts at sustainability. I really appreciate it.  Please check it out at:

It’s great to see that what some might consider to be useless attempts at hippie madness, are actually viable small steps in making a difference in the big picture of the Eco system. It’s so important for me to apply my values to my business. I’m a hippie at heart.  I moved down here and had forsaken my life as a vegetarian, canvas bag carrying Act Up activist.  Now that Tribeca is at a place that it’s financially viable for me to apply the standards that I lived up to in that prior part of my life, I’m trying my best to get my business to reflect my core beliefs.  It’s a shame it’s taken this long to re-awaken this part of my life.  It was so easy in DC to live a more sustainable life.

When anyone gets weird about my decision to open a shop in Ybor, I try to make them realize how important the urban core is to sustainability.  Why can’t Tampa get it?  Look at the best urban centers in America.  It’s so much more efficent for humans to live in small, close quarters.  It works there and can work here, and I beleive that Ybor has the best infrastructure for an urban revitalization.

I’ve had a few emotional set backs this week, but I’m keeping my head up.  Tomorrow will be a better day, as long as we all put our hearts and minds into saving it.