Tribeca Salon Introduces ‘Umbrella Lottery’

Tribeca Salon Umbrella Lottery South Tampa and Ybor City Salons

Tribeca Salon Introduces ‘Umbrella Lottery’

Every Rainy Day Client is a Winner

Tribeca Salon is known for its superb blowouts, creative highlights, expert cuts and, most recently…umbrellas. The South Tampa and Ybor City locations invite every rainy day client to become an ‘umbrella lottery winner.’ The sole qualification? The day must be stormy – and the hair must be Tribeca-beautiful. Owner Brandon Wagner instituted the policy of handing out gratis umbrellas after unpredictable Florida weather ruined one too many styles.

“My team would spend an hour or two on a client’s hair and put our passion and skill into making it perfect – and then that person would step outside and it would be ruined,” he said. “We were trying to cover hair with a plastic bonnet, but that just wasn’t working.” A year ago, Brandon began addressing the issue by stocking communal umbrellas at the salons. Staff would walk each client to their car, but they would often return soaked. Predictably, the umbrellas disappeared. And urban parking choices in the Ybor City location made it difficult to consistently accompany clients.

“That’s when we decided that everyone gets an umbrella,” Brandon says.


Three editions have been released thus far: the first, dubbed “See Clearly,” allows the holder to show off that new ‘do through a clear dome. The second, a “Pride” edition, features rainbow-colored panels. The newest release is the “Neon Gingham,” which showcases Tribeca’s favorite colors: green and white.

“We’ve given more than three hundred umbrellas away to date.”


Brandon plans to continue the ‘lottery’ indefinitely and hears rave reviews from his clients, who now consider the umbrellas collectibles. “We’ve given more than three hundred umbrellas away to date,” Brandon says. “Even on a rainy day, we make our clients beautiful – and we give them the protection they need to stay that way.”

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