I’ve been exploring the need for all natural lines for several years now, and worked with both Surface and Aveda.  Both with some degree of success.  I’m really happy that I’ve tested and decided to bring on the Davines NaturalTech line.  It’s an all natural line that is as close to an apothecary created line that I can retail.
I’m just cutting and pasting some basic information for you to read about below.

This entire line will be available after December 5th!

WE will be launching a new backbar service along with the treatment systems.
In Davines’ laboratories, we have created a perfect synergy between Nature and
Technology, combining only the best carefully selected raw materials with the
most advanced science and research to offer our customers the utmost scientific
innovation, whilst enhancing Nature: the result is Naturaltech.

The name Naturaltech was chosen to express Davines’ attention towards nature
and the environment, with the awareness that technology, if correctly applied to
nature, can express nature’s characteristics at their very best with full respect for
the environment.

In creating Naturaltech formulas, this synergy between nature and technology
has been pursued above all by selecting which raw materials to use in Davines
laboratories since this can enhance the quality and effectiveness of the active
principles involved.

Naturaltech treatments are designed not only to effectively solve scalp and hair
problems thanks to the action of highly functional active principles, but also
to take care of the psychological and physical wellbeing of customers thereby
enabling them to regain the necessary equilibrium for correct functionality recovery.
Formulas have been developed to achieve maximum benefits through their synergy
with massage, another key element of the Naturaltech system. Massage
not only reactivates blood circulation while preparing the scalp to receive the
product’s benefits, but also devotes special and personal care to the customer in
a pleasant interlude of pampering and relaxation, to distract the body and mind
from the chores of daily life.

Naturaltech is conceived as a system of products where the three elements Nature,
Man and Technology merge in a union of harmony, wellbeing and effectiveness.
The graphic design represents an added value: a selection of handmade drawings,
inspired by the concept and function of each individual family and expressed
through different subjects that make each product unique and desirable.
Naturaltech packaging uses materials with low environmental impact, highly
consistent with the formulas and providing protection from sunlight.

Designed in line with sustainability concepts, Naturaltech boxes are in recycled
FSC, self-assembling paper, free from paint, ink and glue to guarantee superior