I knew this would get off to a slow start…

I knew this would get off to a slow start…

If I’m going to make this blog work, I need to do this regularly. So if anyone actually tuned in, I just started this blog, and I’m going to start talking about Salon Culture.
?Salon Culture is the total sum of the values of the owner, managers and staff. It is the core values chosen to guide the development of the salon’s business.

?Salon Culture is integral to career advancement, increased profit, client retention and a happy staff environment

?Salon Culture is totally unique to each salon, it will evolve with staff changes, but the essential focus remains the same.

So some questions to ask yourself about yourself and you salon follow. Think about what your salon offers.

Does your salon provide a method to increase your income?
Does your salon provide a method to increase your clientele?
Does your salon allow creative expression away from behind the chair?
Does your salon focus on in salon education?
Does your salon fulfill your expectations of a salon environment?

How many of you answer yes to most of these questions? Well, if not too many you might be in the wrong environment. Or, hopefully this might be a great starting point for discussion with your boss about moving ahead with some ideas.

One of the easiest things to get started in the right direction is creating a mission statement. Though mission statements mostly pertain to companies, you can create your own.

Begin with a values statement. Here’s some questions to ask yourself.

What do you expect from your regular workday?
What kind of hairdresser are you?
What would be the “next step” in your career?
What concerns do you want to address in the workplace?
How important is education to you?
Do you want more out of your career?
What kind of relationship do you have with your clients?

So you have a lot to think about in the next few days. I’ll be back on Wednesday night (hopefully) and I’ll post some more.