Hello Beautiful World!

Hello Beautiful World!

So here we begin our tale.  Today I’m just going to let you know who I am and set a few parameters about what I’ll be writing about.

You are all going to know me as Alston, but that’s my second name.  My real name is Brandon.  I own Tribeca ColorSalon, located in Tampa, FL.  I love this place.  I’ve built it with the help of some friends and family to create what I truly beleive is Tampa’s hippest salon.  I became a hairdresser some 16 years ao when I attended the Graham Webb Academy in DC.  I  moved around a lot and never got my game together til I moved to Tampa. Work was good, I built up a clientele quite quickly, and opened Tribeca about 2 years after I moved to Florida.

So here we are 8 years later, with lots of trials and tribulations.  Many faces have come and gone, there’s been times that I’ve hated this place, but I’ve finally got the salon to the level that I’ve wanted.

So as I write this blog, which I know will be sporadic at best.(I’m not good at the writing thing) Here’s what I’ll talk about, I wanted you to know what you might be getting into.

-Watch my business grow!

-Learn techniques about styling hair!

-Hear about my exciting travels abroad teaching!

-and much more!

I know that was really corny.  Forgive me, the idea of putting words out that are the only link you and I have is an odd feeling.  I hope you like what you read.