Meet Your Tribeca Stylist™ — Emily

Meet Your Tribeca Stylist™ — Emily

Artisan 2
Originally From 

Orlando, Florida

Personality in Three Words

loving, hardworking, creative

Works Best With 

All hair and skin types

Coloring Specialties 

Balayage and vivids

Cutting Specialties

Textured fun cuts!

Why You Wanted to Become a Hair Stylist

Growing up I’ve always had such a hard time with my image, both inside and out I hated every inch of myself. I was anxious, depressed and I felt like no one else in the world could possibly feel the way I feel. Hair and makeup has truly helped me through my journey of learning to love myself and just growing up in general. Once I started to play around with hair and makeup I learned to take care of myself, I learned that my hair and skin needed different things than my peers and even my family members. The things I hated about hair and skin were not unmanageable they just needed different tools and knowledge than I had been provided in my life. With the knowledge and ability to properly express myself self love followed and as I came out of the clouds of depression I realized I’m not alone, thousands upon millions of people feel the same way I feel every single day. The reason I wanted to become a hair and makeup artists is to have an impact, I don’t want to just have meaningless conversation with individuals I want to make an impact on someone’s life for the better and teach people the proper tools to take care of their special features and prove that you are not alone.

Best Thing About Tampa Bay 

The amazing diversity of people around us!

Favorite Quote

“What’s meant to be will always find a way” Cameron McCarthy

Favorite davines product

Liquid spell