Deregulation of FL business

Deregulation of FL business

“During his inaugural speech, Governor Scott called taxation, regulation and litigation the “axis of unemployment.” While he acknowledged that we need some regulations to protect our health and safety, he wants every regulation reevaluated.”- Reported by: John McQuiston WWSB

Deregulation can lead to some efficiency in the reduction of government size, but not all business licensing should be treated equal.  In the industry of cosmetology many people perceive hairdressing as an art and not a science, but we must be trained to deal with several potential issues that may affect the health of ourselves and our clients.  Ask any cosmetology student what was the first class taught to them and virtually every one will say “sanitation”.  Salons are licensed and inspected to uphold a very high level of sanitation to eliminate the threat of spreading contagious disease. Sanitation procedures guarantee safety for both the staff and clients.  From lice, herpes, fungus and HIV, we are all trained to prevent infection.  This is the number one aspect of our licensing as a salon and a stylist.  My license doesn’t guarantee I give the great haircut, but it does prove I’m aware of all sanitation required by the state.

Bleaches, relaxers, high lift tints and many other chemicals we deal with on a daily basis have very caustic Ph levels.  Misuse can cause skin irritation, hair breakage, allergic reactions, and potential chemical burns.  A sloppy or incorrect application of these chemicals could be very dangerous to the client.  Cosmetology licensing requires basic knowledge of all the potential dangers of these chemicals.

Cosmetology is an industry that requires licensing.  Deregulation may lead to unlicensed activity that could spread disease, maim or scar clients.   We must keep licensing and inspections in this industry.

The Florida cosmetology industry must provide massive income for the state anyway.  From school, salon and stylist licensing, continuing education requirements, business and income taxes the revenue generated must offset the cost of maintaining regulation.

I ask that you write to the Governor’s office and ask him to reconsider his stance!