ch ch ch changes

ch ch ch changes

I’ve always considered myself to be highly adaptable.  i moved a lot as a child and spent most of my adolescence living in my parent’s  tavern.  This made for some very interesting insight into human nature.  I never understood why all these adults around me were getting happier and happier as they drank, but ultimately if too much was imbibed it would end in a fight.  i believe though that this combination of constant transition, then growing up in a crowded bar of strangers allowed me to let go of a lot of fear of  meeting new people and trying new things.  I’ve been told I’m the type of person that shoots a lot of bullets without aiming , hoping to hit some targets.  unlike those people that spend their life aiming, but never get a bullet out of the barrel. Well, I’m about to shoot a lot of bullets by the end of the year, so wish me luck

There has been a lot of changes in the salon over the course of the year, staff moving away, a death, transitions in my business model.  it’s been more stressful than ever, but I love a challenge.

You’ll be seeing a lot of changes in Tribeca and our social media communications.  I’m looking to really allow facebook and twitter help spread the word on how we perceive the world of hair and fashion and be an educational yet fun place on the web to visit.  So you’ll be hearing a ‘new voice’ in the upcoming months.

Some changes within the store are really exciting.  The Kennedy shop is slowly being refurbished, and this upcoming weekend will see a huge change with the color bar and front desk area being built.  Mike Lemieux has designed the new waiting area, and the design is very cool, and comfortable! Petra from Ikea is always a great help with these huge orders of furniture and she is always inspiring me to be creative.  Stay posted to our facebook so you’ll see all of the stages.

A huge transition is what is going on at Becky, our beauty studio attached to the Ybor store.  Kay, our manicurist has done an amazing job.  The store itself though has failed as a retail experience.  I blame myself since my whole idea of ‘kawai’ Japanese gift items didn’t appeal to people.  So rolling out in September, I’m proud to announce that Becky will become an Aveda network spa.  It will really be the first of it’s kind, acting as a retail spa focusing on all of Aveda’s spa services, body and skincare.  It should be a great asset to the Ybor neighborhood, and will be a part of the Pure Privilege program for those of you who are Aveda fans.

The Heart show is also being planned for 11/5/11.  This year, since we are not incorporating the student competition, we are maxing out on the entertainment.  Expect a very wild,constantly stimulating show.

So the backend of 2011 is  to be a wild ride!  Stay tuned!