Breaking up is hard to do

Breaking up is hard to do

There are only a few reasons why a new client sits in my chair.  They recently moved to the area, or they are unhappy with their current stylist; either in cost, technique, customer service etc.  If someone is happy with their stylist, there really is no reason for them to change salons.  I always try to discover what specifics made the client make the change to my chair.  I think most of you would agree that changing stylists can be a harrowing experience.  I know I’ve been servicing many of my clients since I moved here 13 years ago.  I appreciate their incredible loyalty!  When I hear from a new client that they’ve seen only one stylist for their whole life, I know I have to really build their confidence in me.  That first visit is SO very important and is a make or break situation, so here’s some advice I have for any of you that might be looking to change to a new stylist (hopefully to Tribeca!).

Breaking up is hard to do.  Many of you have a special connection to your stylist.  I’m amazed on what damage and bad style I see on new clients coming in to Tribeca ColorSalon.  It is a general rule that 95% of people return to their stylist based on personality, not technique.  It’s almost as if after that “friendship” is established, the client can accept the mistakes of the stylist, even though the condition of their hair may be at risk.  You should truly evaluate the services you receive.  Ask yourself: ‘has my stylist attempted to update my look in the past year?’  Have they mentioned switching to less damaging chemical processes? Or do you feel that every time you come into the salon they are selling you on some new expensive service you don’t need?  If you mention that you feel that your hair is becoming dryer and damaged, do they not just offer at home haircare, but also some alternatives to your chemical process?  If not, it may be time to make a switch.

Budgets are more important than ever right now and beauty services are one of the first line items to be struck.  We are seeing more color corrections these days than ever because many clients are turning to the “box” to color their hair.  Tribeca offers a price level system that allows you choose the level of experience and personality type of the stylist you’d like to see.  This has been a huge part of our success during these hard times, since I know that if one of my clients can’t sit in my chair and pay $200+ for a service, they can go to one of my newer stylists that I’ve trained for a fraction of my cost.  I believe that our apprentice program is the best in Tampa and I guarantee all of the work we do.  Shop around for pricing.  If you cannot afford salon services at all, we offer free cuts and $20 color applications to models in our apprentice program.  The only catch is that services must be performed on class days and must be approved by the Apprentice Program leader.

What if you just relocated?  Proximity is a huge factor, but don’t just settle for the salon down the block based on convenience.  Cosmetology education varies greatly from stylist to stylist, even though this is a licensed industry.  Look for someone who went to a good school (name brand schools like Redken, Aveda and Paul Mitchell offer excellent programs).  Ask them about what current continuing education they’ve received, or what other aspects of the industry they are involved in (Educators and platform artists must stay current with technology and trends).  ALWAYS go in for a free consultation; talk to the stylist and see how you feel about them and the salon.  It is your money to be spent and you should be happy with all aspects of the service.  If you don’t get a good vibe in the consult, it won’t get any better during the service.  Check online for referrals and reviews of salons to see what other client reactions are.  Be wary though, some salons have a reputation for creating false reviews to bump up their rankings!  Refrain from going to ‘celebrity’ stylists.  Usually the bill is as big as their ego and the visit will not be about you, and you will always be bumped if someone famous needs to get in asap.

Your hair is a huge aspect of how you represent yourself on a daily basis both at work and at play.  Your stylist needs to be as invested in your appearance as you are.  Evaluate the services you receive and ask them if there is anything else in their repertoire that will help you create your best look.  If they fall short in your expectations, it might be time to break up!

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