A Different Approach to a Stylist’s Departure

A Different Approach to a Stylist’s Departure

Booth Rental is real.  It is an aspect of the industry that now dominants the business model and is not going away any time soon.  I have owned my commission based salon for almost 16 years, and have spawned well over 11 salons/booth renter’s suites in the Tampa Bay area.  As much is it hurts to see a senior level stylist leave, it also makes me proud that my stylists have the skill to manage themselves and have the gumption to do their own thing.  Unfortunately, historically the end of the relationship between myself and the stylist ends abruptly and badly.  They set up the salon/booth in secrecy and then finish the day with a letter or quick, I’m outta here speech.  Then I’m unfriended on Facebook.  No one says, “thanks for the clients” or “you were an inspirational boss”, just “I deserve all the money” or “he’s been profiting off me for years”.  No one seems to remember that I hired them from school, trained them and built their books, gave them great commission, health and life insurance, paid vacation and bonuses.  It always has ended with resentment on both sides.

Well, I’m trying to change this behavior, and hopefully change the industry.

Recently I discovered that 2 senior stylists were planning to move on.  We had a discussion and came to a realization that they didn’t dislike working here, it was just a part of the maturation process.  We came to agreements, and they stayed on for for about 3 weeks longer while their buildout finished.  It was amicable and open, with no hard feelings.  I’ve made a few decisions on how I am going to develop my business, and I’ve learned a lot.

We will be working together in the future and I hope them the best.  I’ll be posting more about this subject as it develops.

For current clients that are looking to follow these stylists, I am asking you to fill out an “exit interview” to get their information.  I am also offering a great promotion if you are interested in staying at Tribeca!