What is the service charge?

Some clients ask us about our “service charge” that you will see on your invoice.  Sometimes it raises eyebrows, but it is there to create transparency in our pricing system.  We have 3 service charges, $15,$20 and $25, which are added to a clients service bill.   These charges were created by evaluating operational costs incurred while executing chemical services.  We use Schwarzkopf color, which is one of the most expensive professional color lines available.  It is a premium low ammonia color line.  $15 is for short hair, $20 for a one process retouch and toner, and $25 is for specialty applications, multiple applications or long/thick hair.

All salons need to cover their operational costs.  Either they hide it in the total costs, charge it back to the stylist, or can be transparent and itemize it, like we do!

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