What is The Residency Program?

The residency program is every Monday 1pm-7pm at our Ybor store.  It is an extension of Tribeca ColorSalon’s apprentice program.  During these sessions, Tribeca’s apprentices take clients in while supervised by myself or another senior stylist.  The apprentices are licensed cosmetologists, highly competent (we have a very intense hiring process) and well trained.  I will be sitting in on the consult, help with formulation, supervise the cut and double check the finish.  It’s like getting the knowledge of a seasoned hairdresser, but the excitement and innovation of a new stylist.

They offer all of our regular cutting, styling, color and texture services for half the price of our Tyro 1 level stylist.  It is a great opportunity for you to get acquainted with our services at a major discount.  We hope that once you grow accustom to a ‘resident’ you will stay in their chair as they become stylists!

You can call 813-242-4080 to make an appointment.