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Hair Extensions Services

Tampa Hair Extensions Services at Tribeca Salon

Welcome to a whole new world of long, healthy, thick hair.  If you cannot grow your hair past your shoulders, our EX-CS extensions are for you! Tribeca Salon is the Tampa hair extensions expert.

Since each hair extension system works differently, we offer 2 different types of extensions, some temporary, some lasting up to 6 months!

Our Tampa Hair Extensions Salon Pricing:

  • Installation of each system is $200 per hour (EXCEPT SEAMLESS EXTENSIONS)
  • Removal and maintenance is $100 per hour
  • Hair is purchased for the client through a distributor; price is relative to system, length and quality.
  • You will be required to purchase the prescribed tools and products. Choosing not to use these products voids any warranty or repair. (see release form)
  • Average tools and products range from $10-$30

Click on the photos below to see before and after shots of real extension services!

Tampa Extensions - Tribeca salon - Tampa, FloridaExtensions in Tampa - Tribeca Salon - Tampa, FLExtensions in Tampa - Tribeca Salon - Tampa, FL

Our Tampa Hair Extensions Services:


  • Revolutionary new system that is invisible to the touch
  • Get a whole new head of hair in about an hour!
  • Surgical grade adhesive tape adheres to hair with no mess or heat
  • $500 flat fee installation includes haircare products



  • Extension hair is attached by small metal bands
  • For medium/normal hair
  • Lasts for up to 3 months
  • Professional removal, hair can be reinstalled
  • Installation takes up to 4 hours
  • Quickest of the long term extensions, but hair may slip if you have an oily scalp
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